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Name:Kurt CoBlaine: Fans of Kurt and Blaine
Location:Ohio, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
General Rules:

1. This community is for fans of Kurt Hummel and Blaine Warbler and their big gay relationship. Don't bash Kurt or Blaine, or Darren or Chris. Period.

2. No bashing of other fans will be allowed. Period. I will cut you.

3. Discussion is allowed, of course, but refer to rule #2 in all discussions. You can disagree. You can argue about the plotlines and crab about the choices of the writers all you want. But disagree like adults, and don't use ableist language (aka Kurt fen are so insane!) when you disagree. There is a difference between arguing and attacking. Learn it.

Posting Rules:

1. You may post:
a) fannish creations such as fic, art, and graphics (large images and fic, please cut)
b) news about the show or Darren or Chris. If your post has spoilers, please cut, or it will be deleted
c) speculation (under a cut)

2. Please label and tag all of your fannish creation posts.


You can also have "Includes" or "Word Count" or "author's notes" of course. Just please give a heading so folks know what they are getting in for.

3. No intro posts. Use the Friending Meme.

4. You MUST use warnings of some kind to let readers and viewers know about triggering content, including: rape, noncon/dubcon, incest, self-harm, abuse, or death. Anything that might trigger someone. Failure to warn for these things will result in moddish thwacking.

"Boy kissing" or "gay boys" or other silly titles are not triggering and you should not put them in the warnings section. If you have additional information that you feel we should have, add it under "includes" or "notes." Thank you.

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